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1101P RED Impeller

1101P RED Impeller

For Diesel and Oil Applications Only.

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Product Code: 01-12-1680

Overview Dimensions

All Globe Run Dry™ Impellers are made from elastomers giving them the combined characteristics and multiple properties of rubber, nitrile, viton and neoprene.

* Will not swell
* Will not shrink
* Solvent-resistant
* Self-lubricating
* Resistant to becoming brittle
* Abrasion-resistant
* Will not stick to pump housing
* Thermo-set rather than thermo-formed
* Less down-time and less costs
* Globe marine impellers will last longer
* Optional FDA approved Elastomers on request

Globe Impeller Color Codes:

Red Impeller for use in Diesel and Oil Applications Only
* Globe Run-Dry™ Red Impellers are for use in Diesel and Oil applications
* Red Impellers should not be used for operation in water
* The Globe Red Impeller is far and away the most durable and longest lasting impeller in all forms of diesel fuel
* In independent testing they were found to have dramatically less swell over time than standard Buna rubber impellers

Blue Impeller for use in Water Applications Only
* The Globe Blue Run-Dry™ impeller is the only impeller in the world guaranteed to run dry for up to 15 minutes continuously
* This affords an almost unlimited number of smaller, more common, run dry time slices
* In independent testing by a major North American boat builder, they were found to be 2 to 3 times more durable, and 2 to 3 times more abrasion resistant than standard impellers

Note: These impellers are self-lubricating and do not include lubricant

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