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DriveSaver Installation Instructions

Step 1
  1. With boat in the water, loosen hardware (do not remove) connecting propeller flange and reverse gear flange sufficiently so that alignment of engine can be checked using a feeler gauge. Bolts should remain loosely connected during alignment to support the propeller flange. Align engine installation to .005” maximum by adjusting engine mounts.
  2. After successful alignment, completely disconnect propeller flange from reverse gear flange supporting dead weight of propeller flange.

NOTE: Shaft may have to be cut and the keyway re-machined to compensate for the thickness of the DriveSaver®.

Step 2
  1. Install DriveSaver® to reverse gear flange by mating male pilot of Drivesaver® with female pilot of flange.
  2. Rotate Drivesaver® to align socket head bolts with bolt holes of reverse gear flange.
  3. Install socket head bolts using lock washers and nuts provided. Use small amount of waterproof grease to lubricate and protect inserts. Tighten in a “Z” pattern to torque ratings listed below.

NOTE: Some DriveSaver® models may have studs to attach to propeller flange. Install using lock washers and nuts provided, tighten in “Z” pattern to torque specifications listed below.

Step 3
  1. Slide propeller shaft and flange forward to mate with female pilot of Drivesaver®. Insert hex head bolts with lock washers into threaded inserts of Drivesaver®.
  2. Use small amount of waterproof grease to lubricate and protect inserts. Lightly hand-tighten in a “Z” pattern to adequately support flange.
  3. Use a dial indicator on propeller shaft directly behind flange to determine runout. Tap on outside of flange or Drivesaver® to bring installation as close to .005” TIR as possible. Finish tightening in a “Z” pattern to torque ratings listed.
After Installation
  • Recheck torque and alignment of shaft after 10 to 15 hours of operation.
  • If a bond is desired, use a piece of strip copper, punched for bolt size between offsetting inserts.
  • For models requiring a bushing kit, install bushing in flange hole before mating Drivesaver® to flange.
  • Bushing may be cut to length to fit flange.

Recommended Torque Specifications
    25 ft-lb 35 ft-lb 55 ft-lb 110 ft-lb 200 ft-lb
303 504 5756 7256 1058
354 504AC 5756A 908 1108
357 4756 908AC 1108A
404A 6256