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Run-Dry® Impeller Assembly & Disassembly Instructions


  1. Remove screws that hold end cover.
  2. Remove end cover.
  3. Remove gasket. We recommend replacing gasket each time pump is disassembled.
  4. Using a good pair of pliers, the impeller can be removed by placing a firm grip on the hub of the impeller and pulling outward.
  5. The seal can now be removed if necessary. Observe which direction the seal is seated, so that it can be properly replaced.


  1. Reassemble seal in pump. Make sure it has a good tight seal.
  2. Start new impeller on the shaft and into the pump with a rotating motion in intended direction until proper alignment is made (whether spline, flat, pin, key or ding drive).
  3. Replace gasket and align with the holes on the pump housing.
  4. Replace end cover and screws.