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Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Which Product is Right for Me
Q: How can I find the right DriveSaver or Impeller?
A: Visit the Find the Right DriveSaver® or Find the Right Impeller Search Pages to find the correct product for your needs.

Not Listed
Q: What if my specific OEM or Model is not listed on the Search Page?
A: If your specific OEM or Model is not listed, then we might not make a part that will fit your needs.
You can try searching for specific parts using the DriveSaver Chart or Impeller Chart.

Red vs. Blue Impeller
Q: What is the difference between a Red and Blue Impeller?
A: A Red impeller is for Diesel and Oil applications only, a Blue impeller is for water.

Red vs. Blue DriveSaver
Q: What is the difference between a Red and Blue DriveSaver?
A: A Red DriveSaver is for regular Torque needs and a Blue model is Pro-Rated (PR) for higher Torque needs.

PR vs. APR
Q: What is the difference between a PR and an APR rated part of the same number?
A: They are both Pro-Rated (PR) to handle extra Torque, but they vary slightly in size (for example the diameters may vary slightly)

Q: How can I install a DriveSaver or Impeller?
A: Instructions are available for Impeller Installation and DriveSaver® Installation

How Can I Buy
Q: How can I buy the products I see on this site?
A: Visitors are invited to browse our products, however only Distributors may login and buy items from this site. Please click here to find a Retail Store near you.