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4756A Drivesaver

4756A  Drivesaver

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DriveSaver® Vibration-Reducing Components:

*  DriveSaver® Vibration-Reducing Components Absorb vibration and reduce noise.
*  Saves Your Powertrain.
*  The DriveSaver® provides a flexible, non-metallic barrier between your transmission and propeller shaft.
*  This barrier reduces drivetrain vibration, resulting in reduced noise to you, your crew and the water.
*  As a result, you and your vessel are more efficient in this quieter environment.


*  Torque Rating Provided in Foot Lbs.
 - To determine TORQUE rating, use this formula: Engine Horsepower x 5252 x Reduction Ratio Engine RPM.
 - If torque rating is within 5% of the maximum for a standard model, select the Plus Rated model.
*  All Tolerances:
 - Female Pilot: +.000/-. 010
 - Male Pilot: +.010/ -.000
 - Other Dimensions: + 1/64

Absorbs Shock:

*  The DriveSaver® effectively absorbs thrust and torque from the propeller shaft, as well as excessive shock from changing gears and high speed planing.
*  It also helps control damage and misalignment from torsional engine movement
*  DriveSaver® keeps on working, under normal conditions, for the life of the drivetrain, without any lubrication or maintenance

Prevents Electrolysis:

*  The DriveSaver® provides an impervious barrier that blocks electrical currents from the water.
*  Your engine and transmission are protected from damaging corrosion.

Acts like a Circuit Breaker:

*  The DriveSaver® absorbs extreme shock and torque usually caused by a hidden log, line, or rock.
*  The DriveSaver® is designed to break apart, leaving your transmission and engine intact.
*  That's right, the DriveSaver® gets destroyed, not your costly transmission and engine.
*  And, you're back in operation fast with minimum cost and downtime.

Installs Easily:

*  The DriveSaver® installs simply and quickly.
*  No cutting or machining is required.
*  You don't have to haul your boat out of the water.
*  Just separate the drive flanges, insert the coupling, align the DriveSaver® and bolt it together.

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List Price: (Distributor Only)

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